Chiropractic Services & Techniques In Jackson

Services Offered by Our Chiropractor in Jackson, MI

If you have been looking for a natural and effective way to treat your symptoms, reduce low back pain, and meet your wellness goals, our chiropractor at Penn Chiropractic Center in Jackson, MI, can help. Our chiropractor, Dr. Randolph Penn, has owned and operated his own chiropractic care office for 24 years. As part of the PGA Tour medical staff, Dr. Penn specializes in sports chiropractic and helps athletes to enhance their performance. In order to meet the unique needs of his patients, he also provides a variety of other chiropractic services.

Services Offered by Our Chiropractor in Jackson, MI

Services Provided by Our Jackson Chiropractor

Our goal is to create health conscious people who won't settle for living with disease and sickness and want to experience all that life has to offer. In order to do this, our Jackson chiropractor offers the following services.

Chiropractic adjustments - also known as spinal manipulation, adjustments are made when a chiropractor uses his hands or a small instrument to remove subluxations from the spine. This helps remove interference in the nervous system, which gives the body the best chance at healing itself.

Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy - this type of treatment is used primarily for orthopedic cases, as it's effective for reducing pain and swelling in the joints in order to increase mobility and function of the body. This type of therapy can sometimes be used in lieu of surgery, or it can be used to help patients heal after surgery.

Class IV Deep-Tissue Laser Therapy - used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, this type of laser therapy aids in the recovery of damaged soft tissue. In most instances, pain and inflammation is reduced and healing of acute and chronic conditions is accelerated.

Chiropractic for children - children benefit from chiropractic care in a variety of ways. Not only does it help treat a variety of conditions, including earaches, allergies, and low back pain, it can also help with immune system response.

CBD - Our cannabidiol products help our patients in a variety of ways including reducing pain, treating anxiety, and improving sleep.  

Along with the above services, our chiropractor also offers treatment for whiplash, sciatica, neck pain, low back pain, and sports injuries. We do all this through a variety of chiropractic techniques, as well as nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, and corrective exercises.

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