Deep-Tissue Laser Therapy

Have You Been Searching For Non-Invasive Pain Management Options in Jackson, MI? If So, We Got You Covered

Penn Chiropractic Centre offers effective alternative medicine options and state-of-the-art chiropractic services for treating injuries and chronic pain conditions. Our chiropractic care methods and pain management treatments improves mobility and posture, increases range of motion, reduces pain, and decreases inflammation. If you are looking for ways to improve your recovery time and subdue your pain, we got you covered. At our practice in Jackson, MI, we offer Class IV Deep-Tissue Laser Therapy that treats a variety conditions, including sports injuries. Continue reading to understand the benefits of our non-invasive and drug-free laser therapy.


What is Class IV Deep-Tissue Laser Therapy? 

Class IV deep-tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive, therapeutic treatment that uses deep photonic energy to help you heal faster and effectively. The photonic energy reaches deep within the skin and target areas where you are injured at. This alternative medicine is painless and drug-free, and the treatment simply provides a deep and gentle warmth that helps your body’s cells to respond well to the light given. Class IV deep-tissue laser therapy has been effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, headaches, tennis elbow, herniated or bulging discs, arthritis, and many other conditions that causes inflammation and chronic pain.

How Effective Are Non-Invasive and Drug-Free Treatments?

If you are looking for pain management alternatives, then cold laser therapy might be right for you. Our chiropractor uses this type of therapy to effectively reduce pain and inflammation from debilitating conditions mentioned above. It also speeds up the healing process and improves function and mobility, helping you to recovery the right way. When you start on a path of wellness that focuses on actually healing an area instead of masking the symptoms, then you discover quickly how much more life has to offer, even to those with chronic pain. 

Visit Our New Patient Center, or Call Us to Schedule Your Appointment for Chiropractic Care Treatment

Penn Chiropractic Centre in Jackson, MI, has a New Patient Center section where you can familiarize yourself with what to expect at a chiropractic visit as well as a section to fill out forms before your appointment. Request a consultation online, or call our chiropractic team at (517) 784-7443. Get started today with a healthy, pain-free lifestyle that does not require invasive procedures. 




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