Depression and Anxiety

Learn About Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety cause chaos in the lives of many people around the world. When people think about depression and anxiety, they might think about how they need to go to therapy for psychological care or perhaps spend more time outdoors. However, at Penn Chiropractic Centre in Jackson MI, we can help alleviate the physical ailments caused by depression and anxiety.

Depression and Anxiety

How are Depression and Anxiety Physical?

If you think about it, your spine is your nervous system. It controls your body’s reactions to its environment and daily stressors. If you are at a stressful job, you might be on your feet all day or at a desk all day. Due to stress, your body carries tension throughout your shoulders, neck, and back. As a result of this physical tension, your pain might be preventing healthy exercise or proper sleep, which in turn can increase the chances of developing anxiety or depression. There are many possible long-term side effects of depression including infertility, a weakened immune system, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even muscle tissue damage.

Help From a Chiropractor to Treat Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

While a chiropractor is not a mental health professional, they may be able to figure out how your body is responding to your depression and anxiety. For example, if you carry most of your tension in your neck, your chiropractor will be able to suggest at-home exercises to stretch out the affected areas and provide in-office treatment like chiropractic manipulations and adjustments. They can also provide tools to help improve your posture at home and in your work environment to further prevent spinal damage.

By providing a thorough exam, your chiropractor can see what damage your depression and anxiety has caused to your body, and help treat the physical aspects. In addition, not having the negative impact on your body might even help alleviate your stress caused by physical pain. The chiropractor might also be able to refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help care for and treat your mental health.

Chiropractic Care in Jackson

At Penn Chiropractic Centre in Jackson MI, we do not pretend to be mental health experts. However, we know that mental health issues can have lasting effects on our bodies. We want to help you today! Come in for a visit or call us at (517) 784-7443 to schedule an appointment.