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The staff is friendly, and knowledgeable. The office is very clean and modern. The treatment plan presented to me seems to be what I need.
Ralph D. Avatar
Ralph D.
Dr Penn has been a game changer for me. I’ve had several neck injuries and no relief for years. Been to countless doctors had injections nothing worked. I just dealt with pain daily to the point of going to work and that was all I could do. With the new technology Dr Penn and Hebren have started to change my life. Within two weeks of using the New Technology the difference is amazing almost unbelievable. I can’t wait to see how my neck will feel like after the complete transformation is done. I’m looking forward to enjoying my life again without dealing with this pain anymore more. I highly recommend Dr Penn for all of your health and wellness.
Amy C. Avatar
Amy C.
Dr Penn has always taken the time to take great care of my chiropractic needs. They really help me with my aches and pains in my body.
James S. Avatar
James S.
After two back surgeries and multiple visits to a pain clinic I was still in so much pain I had reached the point where my ability to complete everyday tasks was limited. Chronic back pain had taken over my life. Dr. Randy Penn gave me my life back. After two weeks I am able to walk and complete simple household tasks without pain. He educates and is a healer. Thank you Randy and the team at Penn Chiropractic. You are truly a blessing.
Sherry B. Avatar
Sherry B.
Dr. Penn non-aggressively adjusts any new ache or pain that I tell him about along with adjusting my neck, shoulder, upper and lower back and both knees every week. He keeps up on new techniques and technologies to keep me moving like I should be moving. Appointment times are flexible. Dr. Penn and the staff are personable and easy to get along with.
Thomas N. Avatar
Thomas N.
Dr Penn has been a key figure for my family in all of our lives. His dedication to each patient is inspiring. The technology he uses to the best and has helped me in many ways with my chronic pain
Amy C. Avatar
Amy C.
I am a veteran and when I could not get help, they did.
Jason H. Avatar
Jason H.
Doc Penn and his team are best in class. They get to know you right from the beginning and make sure to understand your life’s path up until today. They take their time to understand injures and mishaps that have been affecting you for years. After years of migraines and headaches, just one month in my care plan - they were gone! Their practice is very professional, personable and welcoming. Their team is very educated on their practices and technologies. Specialized care plan made just for you and at a pace you’re comfortable with.
Lauren D. Avatar
Lauren D.
They are kind people and ate wonderful people to work with. They really go the extra mile for you. Very understanding.
Rebecca C. Avatar
Rebecca C.
We always receive the best care at Penn Chiropractic Center!
Angie P. Avatar
Angie P.
I have been having hip pain for 3 years. Dr Penn has made me feel great!I can move so much better now! I recommend Dr Penn to everyone!!
Karen Z. Avatar
Karen Z.
They are amazing. Very compassionate and caring ppl. I went in almost unable to walk. My health and mobility have improved greatly with every appointment. And I know it will continue to get better.
Chedda B. Avatar
Chedda B.
I'm able to tell Dr. Penn about different areas that act up, and he'll focus on that area. Everytime I leave feeling better!
Tiffany C. Avatar
Tiffany C.
Doctor Penn has helped both my daughter and myself. I had a lot of lower back pain, that often woke me up in the night. My pain is significantly better. I sleep through the night now, and I'm not constantly using the heating pad, and don't need the ibuprofen any longer. He has given me stretches to do at home that also helps. He has also prescribed natural supplements, and natural pain relieving gel that has helped me, along with the adjustments, and technologies. My daughter has a sports injury that is still healing. Quite often she comes in feeling stiffness in her knee, and by the time she leaves the office, the stiffness has gone, and she is even walking better. Doctor Penn and all of his staff are very caring individuals, who want to help others to achieve optimum health. I feel very welcomed every time I come for my appointment. It's important to come as often as he prescribes, I started by coming in 3 times per week. But that went down to twice, and now only once a week. Eventually we will just be at the maintenance phase where I just come in maybe every other week. It has been worth it, and I'm feeling so much better!
Amy A. Avatar
Amy A.
honestly I cant explain how much they have helped me.. I've only been a patient for a few days. I feel better every day.
Jessz H. Avatar
Jessz H.
love Dr Penn and his staff feeling so much better
peggy m. Avatar
peggy m.
First time at a chiropractor and I’m ridiculously scared of them. They were very friendly, professional, and informative. I cannot wait to go back.
Adam S. Avatar
Adam S.
Dr. Penn and his staff were very welcoming and helpful.
Chris B. Avatar
Chris B.
Staff is friendly & knowledgeable! Seems like doc wants to help everyone live their best life!
Scott R. Avatar
Scott R.
Dr. Penn and his staff were very friendly and made me feel like family on my first visit. Also his team was very professional , I highly recommend
T M. Avatar
T M.
After two spinal fusions and numerous procedures at pain clinics I was left with chronic back pain that left me unable to carry on simple, everyday tasks. My walking was impaired also. Within two weeks of treatment my mobility issues have improved greatly and I am hopeful for the first time in months. He educates and heals. Randy gave me my life back. Thank you to Randy and his team at Penn Chiropractic. You are truly a blessing.
Sherry S. Avatar
Sherry S.
The staff and Dr. Penn are very friendly, informative, helpful, and truly concerned about getting your health back to the best it can be. Your health plan is thoroughly explained and easily understood. I highly recommend Dr. Penn and his staff for optimal chiropractic health.
Patty A. Avatar
Patty A.
My friend Doc Penn is Great and helps to keep me healthy.
Rodney J. Avatar
Rodney J.
Dr. Penn and Miss Tina have done excellent job keeping me and my 2 young daughters healthy and our immune system strong with regular maintenance care! Additionally, last winter I sustained a knee injury while skiing, with their quick care it was healed in a week! 2 weeks ago I hurt my back, I felt crippled! Dr. Penn saw me immediately, made time for me over 4 consecutive days, spent extra time doing multiple adjustments, and Tina doing multiple technology treatments, as well as recommendations on supplements to help. By the end of that week I was back to functioning well and am now back it full force! Penn Chiropractic is a wonderful part or our lives and health care!
Jenifer S. Avatar
Jenifer S.
Helped me out of pain from a slipped disc almost immediately.
Karen T. Avatar
Karen T.
Highly recommend Dr. Penn and his staff. I am active and have had many issues that Dr. Penn had taken care of from jammed toes and fingers to allowing my neck to turn all the way to helping heal a buldging disc in my lower back. Everyone is very professional and helpful and I always feel better when I walk out the door.
Colleen C. Avatar
Colleen C.
This is my first experience with a chiropractor and I am pretty happy with care I am provided. The staff and other patients greet you and get to know. They don’t treat you any different than a family member. Is it expensive? Yes. But your health it definitely worth it. If you’re not healthy you can’t take care of yourself or anyone else. I have a long way to go to get better. I am on the right track now. I recommend to anyone who needs it.
Samantha T. Avatar
Samantha T.
Doctor Penn is awesome and the staff is great as well. Feeling better everyday, technologies are a new experience!!
Dakota R. Avatar
Dakota R.
The team at Penn Chiropractic is always professional and welcoming! I always leave the office feeling great! Dr. Penn always has my physical health as his main concern during my appointment. Blessed to have him and his team in my corner as I strive to live my best life.
ruth p. Avatar
ruth p.
I got in quickly today for my adjustment. Dr Penn gave me great advice for treating a trapezius muscle spasm I was having. I followed his advice and was able to run my normal miles after my appointment and the muscle pain is already gone! Truly grateful.
Heidi M. Avatar
Heidi M.
Dr. Penn is a very caring and thorough practitioner. He's very knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help you live a pain free, healthy life. I felt very welcomed as a new patient and look forward to beginning treatment and being pain free.
Jessica K. Avatar
Jessica K.
Doc Penn and Tina did wonders for me. They are the most caring staff that I have ever been with. I highly recommend Penn Chiropractic Centre
Coleen S. Avatar
Coleen S.
Dr. Penn. And his staff are amazing He is very professional and very knowledgable too! I have learned so much in this last two months about my body that I didn’t even know, better yet I have found immediate relief with my headaches they are GONE! I recommend his practice to anyone suffering from any sort of pain---migraines, back, neck, joints, legs!
Tara R. Avatar
Tara R.
I have found immediate relief with Dr. Penn. He is very professional and very knowledgable too! I have learned so much in this last week that I have been having treatments for my back. I recommend his practice to anyone suffering from any sort of pain---back, neck, joint, legs!
Laura D. Avatar
Laura D.
Excellent personal service and great results
Larry S. Avatar
Larry S.
everything He is not a bone crusher
Dick T. Avatar
Dick T.
Thanks to Dr. Penn I completely avoided having rotator cuff surgery! I have been under his chiropractic care now for 3 years and actually gained a half inch of height. During this time I have been the healthiest I have felt in years! Thank you Penn Chiropractic Centre for giving my life back!!
Tina T. Avatar
Tina T.
They took care of me when I was in extreme pain. Got me in same day and really showed me some attention and gave me some relief!! Thank you!
Mary J. Avatar
Mary J.
8 months ago I walked into Penn Chiropractor Clinic with back pain and an Achilles tendon 3 times the normal size. I'd been through physical therapy, which helped some. Today,I can walk normal and the Achilles has improved tremendously. Dr. Penn is an awesome caring man,. Tina dies a great job with the pulse and Lazer treatments. I've been to other chiropractors with little resolution to my pain. I highly recommend Penn Chiropractor Services. They have done a great job.
jackie p. Avatar
jackie p.
Dr Penn and his staff are very educated on the most effective treatment for you body and condition.
Stacie M. Avatar
Stacie M.
Three years ago I had two knee replacements. Due to complications with in home therapy and infections I had severe pain and difficulty bending the new knees. For a couple years I went to a massage therapist on a regular basis to try to ease the pain. Although it helped some in the beginning, my pain continued to worsen. I found it difficult to walk any length of time or distance. To make matters worse, I was in pain while sitting for very long too. I began stressing over the real possibility that I would be in a wheelchair if I couldn't find an effective solution soon. A real miracle was the only thing I thought could help. Then someone recommended that I call Dr. Penn for a consultation. I never thought of a chiropractor for my knees. I believed they just did adjustments. I was so wrong! Fortunately he was able to see me that same day. During that consultation he said he could help me. I was skeptical but hopeful. I knew I had nothing to lose at that time. I had run out of all other options. He kept his word. He helped more than I can say! After only three visits with Dr Penn and his assistant Tina, my pain was almost gone. If you can imagine living with intense pain for three years and to have that almost vanish you can imagine how absolutely thrilled I am with the treatment I received from Dr. Penn and his staff!! I still have a ways to go for my knees to bend correctly but they are getting there little by little. But, Dr. Penn is patient, caring and very positive and I can say he is the miracle I prayed for every day for the last three years. Dr. Penn has the latest equipment and the knowledge, skills and ability to heal without medication. I recommend to family and friends that they go into Dr. Penn and experience the relief that I have. If you want healing without medication I recommend that you also go and see Dr. Penn. You'll be happy that you did!
Karen P. Avatar
Karen P.
I have been going to see Doc Penn for years. I play many sports and whenever there is a mishap Doc can fix the problem. Sometimes it’s a muscle issue and he can find it even when I haven't noticed that issue. He has aligned fingers, toes, wrists, an ankle, a shoulder, knees, hips, neck and jaw. Doc also helped me with immense pain from a herniated disc last year. That one took more visits and the technologies but I was able to go back to playing ice hockey and all the other sports I play after a few months. His sports med knowledge combined with the chiropractic knowledge has been a big part of the reason he stands so high above other chiropractors I tried.
Colleen C. Avatar
Colleen C.

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