Pediatric Chiropractic

The Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic at Penn Chiropractic Centre

It's a common misconception that chiropractic care is only available to adults, but that isn't true. Pediatric chiropractic care gives kids the tools to live a content, pain-free, and healthy life. At Penn Chiropractic Centre in Jackson, MI, we know how important your child's development is and provide the expert care your child needs to develop a lifestyle that prioritizes their health and well-being. Regular chiropractic visits monitor your child's growth and identify potential issues before they arise. 


Improved Health and Well-Being

In your children's short time alive, they have learned to crawl, talk, walk, run, play, and more. While they explore the world around them, they are rapidly growing, which can take a toll on their bodies. Our regular chiropractic appointments ensure your children's bodies are healthy during all stages of development. 

Promote Better Sleep 

With all the changes occurring in their bodies, kids need lots of sleep. Sleep is crucial to children's development. Lack of sleep in children causes complications in adulthood. When we establish good sleep habits at a young age, we lessen the likelihood of sleep issues as we age.

Supports Musculoskeletal System

While your children might be active and enjoy running around, they may be moving in ways that risk injury or put strains on certain parts of their bodies. We will work with them to ensure they can continue to enjoy their favorite activities while moving in a safe way to avoid the likelihood of injury. 

Provides Mental Support

Depression, anxiety, and stress can significantly impact your children's mental health. Sometimes these disorders are associated with chronic pain. If we don't treat these issues early, they could continue into adulthood. 

A Trusted and Experienced Pediatric Chiropractor in Jackson, MI

Nothing comes before your children's health. Dr. Randolph Penn has owned and operated a practice for 24 years and has extensive training in various chiropractic techniques. He aims to help you achieve optimal health by reducing neurological influences from physical, chemical, or emotional traumas. 

Schedule an Appointment for Your Children Today

Our team will guide your children toward a healthy and pain-free life by adjusting the spine and other body systems, integrating wellness technologies, and advising on proper nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. 

Contact Penn Chiropractic Centre in Jackson, MI, today and learn how pediatric chiropractic care can help your children's growth and development by calling (517) 784-7443. 


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